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As a little girl, my grandfather read all sorts of books to me. As I grew up, I spent the weeks before my birthday, Christmas, and any other special day, hanging around the mailbox, desperate for my next journey that laid bound in the pages of a book.

I became such an avid reader and completely captivated by the power of writers’ words, that I knew this is what I wanted to. I wanted to create lasting images and timeless instances of symbolism that inspired readers and could maybe even do some good in the world, even if that good only reached a small circle of readers.

So, since then I have written a few fictional short stories, begun working on my debut novel (a horror/thriller), dipped my toes into poetry, and written for two literary magazines, Study Breaks and MXDWNHere I have written articles covering various topics including YA novels, popular Netflix content, music reviews, politics, and more. I am currently writing for the Borgen Project – a national campaign that fights global poverty.

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My biggest supporters are my twin sister, Hanna, and my boyfriend, Jeremy. I feel most inspired when I am listening to John Lennon and watching Tim Burton films.

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My favorite authors include Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and Gillian Flynn.

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